TikTok trend forces users to confront the harshness of reality

People on TikTok are making fun of an old movie trope with the “Hopeful for Today” trend. 

It all started when Black TikTokers created a meme that poked fun at the end credits of Black movies, according to StayHipp. The films usually feature character updates that range from inspiring to upsetting. Now the trend has taken on new life. 

What is the “Hopeful for Today” meme on TikTok? 

One creator went viral for his “End of Black movies be like…” video, which started the meme. The TikTok earned over 1.4 million likes. It featured @deekaaytv portraying different movie characters. 

“Jamal went on to play basketball at Duke,” the caption read. Then the freeze-frame hit as he played mini basketball. 

“Kenny lost his life to gang violence,” the video said and @deekaaytv appeared with a crossbow and Joker face mask. 

The viral video used the song “Hope” by Twista and Faith Evans and subsequently launched a thousand memes. 

Some examples of the “Hopeful for Today” meme:


facts 🤣🧑🏽‍🦱🧑🏽‍🦱👵🏽 #blackmovies #blackmoviesbelike – IB: @deekaaytv

♬ Hope – Twista

Influencer Chad Epps was inspired by @deekaaytv to create his own version. In his video, the character endings ranged from bank robbery to LSU scholarships and working at a barbershop. 

@official_lighting used the meme to mock his own driving skills. 

Then @lil.pump3 got out of meeting up with some friends she didn’t want to see. 

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