TikTok user brutally exposes quirky millennial habit

Being a millennial is hard. Older generations blame you for killing everything they love and wasting your money on avocado toast, and Gen Z is constantly roasting you.

Unfortunately, though, Gen Z is often right. We millennials do love “Harry Potter” a little bit too much, and we’re a little too fond of words like “adulting” and “doggo.” 

TikTok user htmljones called out a far more subtle difference between Gen Z and millennials, though — the way they hold their phones when they’re recording a video.


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He demonstrated that members of Gen Z are casual and talk to the camera as if they are talking to a friend. It’s very natural.

Millennials, however, hold the phone above their heads, smile with their eyes wide and speak shyly.

It’s clear he’s teasing the older generation … but he’s right, at least in the opinion of tons of commenters. 

“Gen Z always comfortable with a camera phone. Millennials had to get comfortable, overthinks it. Boomers never knew to care (2 inches away up the nose),” one user wrote.

“They always look slightly unhinged,” another said.

Millennials couldn’t argue with his assessment, either.

“I’m not going to apologize for knowing my angles in my old age,” one user said.

“I feel very attacked,” another wrote.

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