TikTok user captures casual interaction with deadly sea creature

The ocean is an absolutely terrifying thing. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, more than 80 percent of the world’s ocean is uncharted and unexplored — and the parts that are charted and explored are full of sharks, stingrays and fish with unexplainably human-looking lips.

When you’re sitting safely on the shore, listening to the peaceful sound of undulating ocean waves is enough to make you forget that just below the surface are some of the world’s creepiest creatures. Sometimes, though, those creatures choose to materialize, thereby ruining any illusion you had about the ocean being a safe and serene space.

On August 3, Florida resident valerie.super uploaded a video of her own beach experience gone wrong.


when you were in the water 5 minutes ago and this swims up… #shark #beautiful

♬ Ocean – Alok & Zeeba & IRO

After going for a swim in the ocean in Boynton Beach, Florida, Valerie said that she got out of the water and almost immediately spotted a shark.

This shark wasn’t a far-away speck out at sea, however. As you can see in the video, the death-dealing sea creature was mere feet away from Valerie, swimming in the very spot she had only just vacated.

Naturally, many people were terrified in the comments.

“I would actually evaporate,” one person said.

“Oh gosh im never swimming again,” another user noted.

“Yeah i’m never going to the ocean again,” a third person added.

However, in a follow-up note, Valerie said that she “love[s] all creatures God created” and that she has nothing but respect for all animals — even sharks.

“Sometime they look fun to touch, but this is their habitat, their world,” she wrote. “He was hunting and it was not my place, nor anyone’s to interfere.”

A lovely sentiment for sure, Valerie, but I’d much rather respect and appreciate sharks with, like, a minimum of 60 feet between us.

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