TikTok user captures ‘terrifying’ parking lot encounter on camera

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing her “terrifying” encounter with a stranger in a fast food parking lot.

On July 18, the young woman named Renee uploaded a video to the platform of the eerie experience.

Renee was sitting in her car, eating a burger and jamming out to Foreigner (as one does) when a mysterious man started to approach her car.


just wait for it … 💀 the way I just didn’t see him 👁👄👁

♬ original sound – renaykotro

The stranger walks in the direction of Renee’s car, spits on the ground near the car and starts to walk away. However, after some thought, he turns around and looks like he’s about to approach Renee when he spots her phone recording a video. That’s when he turns around and walks away for good.

According to her caption, Renee “didn’t see [the man]” until she watched her video later. Throughout the video, she is completely “unaware” as she continues to eat her burger and sing along to “I Want to Know What Love Is.”

Though Renee has maintained a nonchalant attitude about the whole experience, many TikTok users think she might’ve narrowly avoided being kidnapped.

“I thought he wanted to kidnap u and then saw the camera and backed up,” one person said.

“DUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! You straight up almost got snatched!!!!” another person commented.

“Tiktok may have just saved a life lmao he saw u recording and dipped,” a third user added.

Other people think the man was simply going to check on Renee, seeing as she was blasting “depressing music” in a fast food parking lot.

“Y’all are so funny. He probably did a double take to make sure she’s okay because she blaring a depressing song in a parking lot in the dark lol,” one person noted.

“It’s sad how ppl think hes trying to take you like why do yall think that I mean [they’re] eatting in the dark alone playing a sad song so why,” another user added.

Either way, many people are taking Renee’s video as a reminder to “always lock your doors the second you get in the car.”

“This is kinda scary tbh … that’s why I lock my doors always right when I get in my vehicle,” one user noted.

“Always lock your doors and just drive home people!!” another person added.

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