TikTok user catches iconic Starbucks drive-thru interaction on camera

With most restaurants either closed or limited for the foreseeable future, drive-thrus are starting to look pretty glamorous.

TikTok user nickie999 shared her recent experience at a Starbucks drive-thru with her followers — and it sets the gold standard for in-car entertainment.

In the video, nickie999 pulled up to place her order, where she was greeted by a paper bag puppet rather than a cashier. She didn’t seem surprised, so she must have either expected the prank or caught a glimpse of the unusual employee from afar.

Nickie999 then began to place an order for a coffee when the most shocking part of the whole interaction happened — the puppet started screaming. The customer laughed, and the video cut off.

We desperately want to know what happened after that. Did a person give nickie999 her drink, or was it a puppet? Was there an apology or an explanation? We don’t know.

We do know that commenters were obsessed with the whole interaction.

“This is TRUE customer service,” one said.

“She really made the bag scream,” another wrote.

“Why can’t I ever get a barista like that?” a third joked.

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