Student reveals secret iPhone feature used to send messages undetected: ‘Don’t let my man see this’

It’s honestly hard to log onto TikTok without noticing one of Aakaanksh Autade’s videos.

The college student has shared nearly 40 fascinating posts about iPhone tricks most users don’t know about — and tons of other helpful tips on other subjects, as well.

In one of his most recent viral posts, he demonstrated how to send secret messages without being detected.

All you have to do is open the Notes app, type in any subject line and click the button at the top to add someone to the note.

“Once someone is added, you can chat with them about anything,” Autade explained. “To add more security, you can even lock the note.”

Commenters found his tip to be fascinating.

“Lord please don’t let my man see this TikTok,” one user joked.

“Just something else to worry about,” another said.

What seemed on the surface to be a silly hack to communicate with your friends (or to sneak messages past your significant other) was actually inspired by victims of domestic abuse who reached out to him to ask if there were ways to hide certain apps and messages. That’s when he stumbled upon this method.

“Although it’s typically used for sharing grocery lists, it can be a way for people to secretly message friends for help,” Autade told In The Know.

So what’s Autade’s secret method for uncovering all these iPhone hacks? Using his iPhone a lot, to start, then doing tons of research on top of that.

“When there’s a topic that I want to post about, I’ll come up with a general summary on my own and then sift through Reddit, Youtube and other websites for more testimonials and details,” he said.

His first viral video was about the best way to take notes.

“Basically, if you open up a Google doc, there’s actually an option for voice typing that most people don’t know about,” he told In The Know. “I’ll just have the voice typing on for the duration of my lecture … it really comes in handy when I miss a few points here and there.”

He’s received requests for life hack videos from middle schoolers, medical students and working professionals — and boy, does he deliver.

We highly recommend taking a trip down the rabbit hole to learn how to make better use of the technology you already have at your disposal!

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