TikTok user encounters random fish on her driveway

Florida is well-known for its fascinating wildlife, but this TikToker’s encounter with an animal took things to an entirely new level.

A user who goes by the name allie.finkll shared a video of her seemingly normal stroll down the driveway.

“I’m going out to get the mail and all the sudden I see a g****** fish,” she said before revealing a live fish flopping around on the ground.

“Just Florida things,” she captioned the video.

After sharing the footage to TikTok, allie.finkll assured her followers that the fish is doing just fine.

“Dont worry my mom put the fish back in the pond! He is safe,” she wrote in the comments.

Some users suggested that this kind of thing happens all the time in areas where there are both birds and fish around.

“THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME. Birds sometimes drop their meals by accident (yes I’m in Florida),” one wrote.

“Leave him alone he just vibing,” another joked.

Others were simply baffled.

“I don’t understand. I don’t understand. I. Don’t. Understand,” one said.

“MY WORST NIGHTMARE,” another wrote.

One thing is for sure — you don’t need to leave your own front yard to witness something amazing.

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