TikTok user exposes her ‘shady’ boyfriend in viral video series

A young woman is going viral after posting a video “exposing” her allegedly cheating boyfriend.

The woman, Madison Rogers, shared her discovery in a TikTok clip that has now been viewed more than 5.8 million times. Her video begins with the realization that her boyfriend, who she’s been dating for more than a year, has allegedly been cheating on her.

“Lately he’s been acting really weird lately, so I decided to go through his phone,” she says in the clip. “And I found out he’s been cheating on me with not one, but two girls.”

Rogers then reveals that she found both of the girls her boyfriend was allegedly also dating. She turns her camera to reveal that they’re sitting behind in the backseat of her car.


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“So we’re just gonna see what he’s doing and see what he has to say about it,” Rogers adds.

The TikToker went on to post several updates, during which she and her boyfriend’s other girlfriends attempt to confront him directly. In one, she explains that her boyfriend had stopped texting her back.

“He was being super shady and didn’t wanna respond to my messages,” she says.

Rogers also explained that she believes her boyfriend found he’d been “caught” by checking Snap Map, the Snapchat feature that allows users to track their friends’ locations. In theory, Rogers’ boyfriend could have checked the map and seen all three of his girlfriends in one place.

Still, the dramatic saga ended with a confrontation, Rogers claims. The TikToker has yet to post a video of her boyfriend’s response, but she did share a clip detailing what went down — plus, a small silver lining.

“We are all still friends. We are still hanging out,” Rogers says of her boyfriend’s alleged other girlfriends.


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The entire situation drew thousands of comments from TikTok users, with many praising Rogers’ response to her boyfriend’s actions.

“Y’all teach him about RESPECT,” one user wrote.

“Give him hell ladies,” another added.

“This is so cool that you’re all friends,” another wrote.

Others, meanwhile, accused Rogers of faking or sensationalizing the story. Several commenters questioned why she hadn’t posted the clip of her confronting her boyfriend, despite saying she had recorded it.

Regardless, the majority of TikTok users seem to be waiting eagerly for more details.

“When is part 3 coming out?” one user asked.

“Ahhh. I’m so invested. part 3!” another demanded.

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