TikTok is deeply divided over this woman’s unconventional book-reading method

Can you read a book in the shower? That’s the question dividing millions of TikTok users — thanks to one woman’s viral video.

TikTokers love a debate, whether it’s over the “right way” to cook eggs or the “real” way to bag a birthday gift. This latest argument, sparked by a user named Esme (@bookswithsmee), is all about the “correct” way to read a book.

In a now-viral video, Esme showed off a list of her strangest book-reading habits. Some users called the behavior “jaw-dropping.”

“My book habits that make others uncomfortable,” she wrote in the clip.


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Esme’s video showed off four highly specific habits — all of which were met with either angry or glowing praise, depending on the user. One of her most apparently controversial reading methods? She usually likes to read a book in the shower.

Additionally, Esme shared how she tends to crinkle the spine of the book as soon as she gets it, and how she likes to make handwritten notes on the back cover. Naturally, commenters had some strong feelings.

“Can you give us a reason why?” one user asked.

“This is a joke, right?” another added.

“It got worse and worse as it went on, I want to cry,” another wrote.

Others, meanwhile were far more supportive. Many wrote that they agreed with Esme’s habits — and several asked about how exactly it is that she can read a book in the shower.

As a response, Esme even shared a tutorial video.


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It’s also worth noting that, however, she’s doing it, Esme is reading a lot. Many of her TikToks are about her love of reading, and her Instagram bio claims that she’s read 91 books so far this year.

Point being, maybe there’s something to the whole “reading in the shower” thing.

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