TikTok user shares DIY car-repair secret

If you’ve ever driven around with a car issue because you knew it would be too expensive to get fixed, this TikTok account is dedicated to you.

The user behind the account, ilcar1, showcases a number of innovative and cheap ways to successfully clean and fix cars. They give practical, straightforward solutions to common problems.

The most popular video on the account has over 69 million views and shows how you can fix a car dent with a handful of hot glue gun sticks.


Repairing automobile depressions with hot-melt glue sticks#carchallenge #mycar #carlover #toktokchallenge #car #service

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First, hot glue the sticks to the center of the car dent, making sure to spray the spot with water afterward so the hot glue doesn’t stick to the car. When you’re ready, pull the sticks towards you and the dent will pop back out.

There might be some minor cleanup and glue residue, but it’s a much cheaper solution than taking it to a mechanic.

Though DIY solutions are cheaper, they sometimes can result in even more damage, so be careful with your placement of the glue sticks and the force you use to pull them.

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