TikTok user shares easy way to buy yourself more time on an assignment

Whether school is out for summer or just starting to heat up, this simple trick is always good to have in your back pocket.

TIkTok user Offbranddrew, the self-proclaimed “CEO of procrastination,” showed his followers an easy hack he uses to buy himself more time on assignments.


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“I would only recommend doing this if you absolutely need to,” he commented on his own video.

We recreated it to make sure it works β€” here’s how it’s done.

1. Create a file, name it and enter literally any random text in the body.

Credit: In The Know

2. Download the file as a Word document or PDF.

Credit: In The Know

3. Upload it to corruptmyfile.com, which will, well, corrupt your file.

Credit: In The Know

4. Send in the corrupted file, and, boom β€” you’ll likely be asked to send in another file that works, giving you a bit more time to get yourself together.

Credit: In The Know

Multiple other users confirmed the trick has worked for them in the past.

“I’ve done this and gotten away with it,” one wrote.

“I swear by this,” another said.

Others warned that it might not work.

“Warning: professors know every trick in the book, including this one, don’t put too much faith in this just in case they don’t take the bait,” one user said.

“PRO TIP: Do the assignment when assigned. Great lifesaver. I tried it and it helped,” another wrote.

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