TikTok user shares unfortunate yearbook photo fail

Part of growing up is taking awkward yearbook photos. We all go through it, and we can all look back and laugh.

This TikTok user, however, had a uniquely bad experience.

The user, who goes by the name nabou_thiam, shared the story behind her most embarrassing yearbook photo in a candid video.

“Did you shave your forehead in fifth grade bc u didn’t want baby hairs right before picture day so it ended [up] in the picture in the yearbook,” the text on the screen reads.

The audio playing over the video says, “No, very much I did not, what are you talking about? Not me. Wrong b****.”

Nabou_thiam then reveals the yearbook photo in question — and it is shocking, to say the least.

Credit: TikTok/nabou_thiam

Some commenters questioned her reasoning.

“‘What were you thinking?’ one user wrote.

“And you left your hair up so you thought it looked good?” another said.

There’s no denying that everyone was thoroughly entertained.

“I think barely anyone has commented bc we are still all in shock,” one person said.

“Im laughing so hard like i cant breathe,” another wrote.

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