TikTok user spots creepy flying object in home security footage

Watching black-and-white, grainy security footage is pretty creepy to begin with.

Seeing a mysterious object fly across your living room in said footage, though? Horrifying.

TikTok user sarazayedishere shared the spooky video caught on a Wyze camera with their followers.

“My camera caught this video at 3:20 a.m.,” they said in the video as a small, white figure drifts across the screen.

They then revealed the culprit: a rubber glove with a fly on the tip stuck to the ceiling.

That left their followers with more questions than answers. How could a fly possibly be that strong, and how did the glove get stuck to the ceiling?

Some commenters were confused.

“How can a fly be stronger than me?!” one said.

“How did the glove stuck on the ceiling and the fly is hanging upside down? This doesn’t make sense,” another wrote.

Others were just impressed.

“The fly like: i can show you the world,” one user wrote.

“Oh my goooood im losing it,” another said.

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