TikTok user spots mysterious flying object at the beach

A video of a mysterious object in the sky is taking TikTok by storm.

On July 17, user Riz, the self-proclaimed “CEO of OMG,” uploaded a video of an unidentified object in the sky at the beach.

“OMG what’s that [in] the sky?” Riz asked, pointing with an arrow to what looks like a centipede floating in the air.

Riz’s video, which has more than 803,000 likes, has received thousands of comments from speculative users.

Many people made sarcastic guesses about what the flying object could be.

“Omg it’s a demogorgon,” one person commented, referring to the humanoid antagonist in “Stranger Things.”

“It’s [a] mosquito,” another user guessed.

“It’s [the pokémon] Mewtwo,” a third person said.

Others just left exasperated and frightened comments, noting that the last thing 2020 needs is a malicious alien.

“2020 too crazy rn so I [hope] it ain’t real,” one person said.

“You have to be kidding me I hate this year,” another user added.

“If that’s not [an] edit I will go to the sun,” a third person wrote.

Among the more sensible users, the consensus seems to be that the curious object is actually just a kite that looks like a science experiment gone wrong from certain angles. I guess we’ll never really know…

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