TikTok users just discovered something bizarre about Arby’s takeout bags

Have you ever looked closely at the bottom of an Arby’s bag? Probably not.

If you did, you may find what TikTok user Austin Bennett did — the words “25 lb. Mod Bag 1-5 Items.”


@arbys why are your bags so strong

♬ YOU TAKE THE MOON – renist0ny

The first question that comes to mind is this: Can a paper bag from Arby’s really hold 25 pounds?

Bennett and his friends luckily had a 20-pound weight available, which they then placed in the bag and lifted. Sure enough, the bag was strong enough to hold it without a problem.

Here’s the second question, which was graciously posed by Bennet in his caption: Why are these bags so strong?

“Because WE HAVE THE MEATS❗️❗️,” the fast-food giant responded in the comments.

Other TikTok users were thrilled with the fascinating video.

“I’m looking for a relationship as strong as an Arby’s bag,” one user wrote.

“I’m legitimately astounded,” another wrote.

A final question posed by a commenter can be paraphrased as such: What combination of one-to-five items on the Arby’s menu weighs 25 pounds?

“I used to work at Arby’s, long story short. People love the half pound roast beef, customers be wildin’ with their meats,” another TikTok user responded.

We certainly agree with the last part, based on personal experience.

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