TikTok users make chilling discovery during lake excursion

While bathing and relaxing in the American River, a group of TikTok users stumbled upon what appears to be, well, a spine.

In a video of the unnerving moment uploaded on July 24, TikToker Ana Arias narrates the situation while one of her friends picks up the spine (yes, really).

“So we’re at the American River and this … looks like a spine, dead a**,” she says. “There’s been dead people here,” she adds, possibly referring to the two bodies found near the river in January and a young boy who tragically drowned in May.

“What is that?” Arias then says as one of her friends holds up the chain of bones to give viewers a clearer look.

Arias’ “spooky” video, which has received nearly 203,000 likes, has received thousands of comments from concerned viewers, many of whom questioned whether the spine is human.

“That’s a deer spine from the looks of it,” one person said.

“Probably a dog spine,” another user guessed.

“A deer or wild hog would be my guess,” a third person added.

Other users simply took to the comments to express their horror.

“I’m never going to the American River again,” one person said.

“Please call the police,” another user commented.

“Y’all are really swimming with dead bodies,” a third user added.

In a follow-up video, Arias informed her followers that she had “found more bones in [the same] area.” Thankfully, by the looks of it, the bones are almost certainly from a deer and not a human.

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