Woman astounds TikTok after blowing bubble, watching it fly away

TikTok is loaded with videos of people trying and failing to complete impressive stunts. At a certain point, it gets kind of repetitive.

User @champagnemiya enraptured the internet with an extremely simple video that blew everyone’s collective mind.

In the short clip, she can be seen standing in a bathroom rubbing something against her mouth, then slightly pursing her lips to blow a bubble.

A bubble did form — one with a sort of smokey consistency —  but instead of popping like your typical chewing gum bubble, it floated away.

Yep. Floated away. She backed away from the camera in shock, and commenters were amazed.

“Why can’t I do that?” one wrote.

“That was so cool,” another said.

“Coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” a third replied.

In the comments of her post, @champagnemiya revealed that her trick was actually quite simple.

“I just hit my vape, put Dawn on my lips and [blew],” she explained.

The simplicity doesn’t make it any less mesmerizing  — although you should think twice before vaping, as it can become addictive.

Hopefully she’ll do another video soon where she demonstrates what the bubble looks like when it pops.

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