This mom’s ‘money-saving’ snack hack has TikTok users divided

A new Ziploc bag hack is going viral, but not everyone’s convinced that it’s helpful.

The trick, shared by TikTok user @howdoesshe, claims to create tiny, snack-sized bags out of larger Ziplocs — all while saving money.

“Bet you’ve never seen this,” @howdoesshe captioned her clip.


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In her video, the mom begins by heating a sharp knife over her stove. She then uses the knife to cut a sandwich bag in half — right down the middle.

According to the clip, the heat from the knife seals the cut-open ends of each side, essentially turning one bag into two, smaller bags. Many TikTokers were amazed by the life hack.

“Does this really work?” one user wrote.

“Omg omg omg,” another added.

“Anyone tried this?” another asked.

Several commenters said they tried the Ziploc bag hack, and nearly all of them reported that it worked. However, many TikTokers still took issue with the video.

Some users called the trick “pointless,” pointing out that it’d be easier to just buy bags in a smaller size. Others, meanwhile, called the trick “wasteful,” saying that parents should use reusable containers instead.

“Maybe reusable containers? The earth would appreciate it,” one user wrote.

“That’s a lot of effort to make something that they already make,” another added.

So, like any life hack, it really all depends on how much you need it. As @howdoesshe pointed out in the video’s comments, it’s also just fun to cut through a bag and watch the plastic re-seal itself.

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