TikToker calls out men who say they’re ‘scared’ to have a daughter

A high schooler from Arizona is going viral after sharing a video in which she slammed “misogynist” men who claim they’re “scared” to raise a daughter.

The 17-year-old, who goes by the name Emma Rayne on social media, posted her passionate speech to TikTok, where it’s since racked up more than 3.2. million views.

In the clip, Emma explains that she became frustrated after seeing men on TikTok post videos about not wanting to have a daughter “because of the possibility that they might wear a bikini or have a pair of boobs.”

The teenager then proceeds to discuss why she finds that view extremely problematic, mainly by sharing her own fears as a young woman growing up around boys who can’t “control” themselves.


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“How about instead of hoping and praying you don’t have a daughter, you go ahead realize why you don’t wanna have a daughter,” Emma says in her clip. “And that’s because you’re scared of boys looking at her the way you look at girls today.”

The high schooler spends the majority of her video explaining why she’s “scared to have a daughter” — because they’d have to deal with the same objectification and harassment that she’s faced during her own life.

“I’m scared to have a daughter because at a very young age I’m gonna have to teach her to defend herself from your son,” she says.

The clip received waves of praise online, with many commenters applauding Emma for calling men who “don’t understand” the struggles many young women face.

“The boys in these comments —yall dont get it,” one user wrote. “I hope yall never have the pleasure of having a daughter or even a son, yall wont raise em right.”

“i don’t think this could’ve been said any better,” another added.

Many men — including some fathers — also commented on the video, thanking the teenager for her lesson on respect.

“As a father of three daughters. this hits close to the heart for me. I always talk to them about safety,” one user wrote.

Emma even responded to the complimentary dad, telling him she thinks he’s a “great father.”

“And I’m sure you’re a great father your girls will look back and thank you,” she wrote.

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