TikToker shares controversial trick on how to find out if your boyfriend is cheating

A TikToker has sparked a debate among users after sharing a seemingly lighthearted but questionable hack on how to find out if one’s boyfriend is cheating.

On Dec. 29, 2020, Andrea Lopez shared the trick, which involves simply using a lint roller, in a clip that has since received over 3 million likes.

“Ladies, if you want to find out if your man is cheating on you, get yourself one of these and roll it all over the carpet,” she says.


He has some explaining to do😡(Following the next 100 people on IG: Andrea.Lopez44) ##fyp ##viral ##prank ##cheater ##couple ##funny

♬ original sound – Andrea Lopez 😋

Lopez proceeds to use the lint roller on her carpet several times before picking up strands of red hair.

“What the f***?” she says, before a text-to-speech voice says, “My hair is black.”

While the TikTok has generated some humorous comments from amused users, it’s also drawn backlash from others who felt Lopez had gone a little bit overboard.

“Bro y’all [too] crazy that could have been his sister or [aunt],” one person wrote in response.

“If u gon do all [this] don’t be in a relationship,” another suggested.

“What about the people who lived there before you,” a third wrote. “You blame him too much for everything. give him a break and be nice to him for once.”

In another TikTok, Lopez shares a similar cheating trick in which she vacuums her boyfriend’s room and discovers blonde hair in the vacuum bin.


He’s got some explaining to do 😳 (ig: Andrea.lopez44) ##funny ##prank ##skit ##viral ##comedy ##exposed ##cheater ##couple

♬ original sound – Andrea Lopez 😋

“Not again,” one TikToker sarcastically replied.

Lopez, who has more than 1.8 million followers on the social media platform, often shares videos of herself pranking her boyfriend Isaac Cervantes. Together, the two rank among TikTok’s most popular couples, with a combined 5 million followers.

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