TikToker discovers her parents put a famous meme song in their wedding

Choosing which songs you’re going to play at your wedding is a big deal.

Your musical selection is both a reflection of your relationship with your future spouse and one of the central means of entertainment for your guests.

With that in mind, TikTok user illumaayani was shocked when her mom revealed what song played as she walked down the aisle. She shared her reaction with her followers.



♬ Ameno hatsune miku – clod_boie

“My mom just told me that my dad and her walked down the aisle to this song,” she said, her eyes wide with shock.

Her mom sat beside her, smiling silently, as they listened to an electronic song with the lyrics, “Dori me, interimo, adapare dori me, ameno ameno latire latiremo dori me.”

The song is popular meme that TikTok users often use in the background of footage that is considered creepy or futuristic, like this video of geese gathering on the beach or this one poking fun at Grimes’ child with Elon Musk.

It’s likely that illumaayani’s mom actually walked down the aisle to the original version of the song — “Ameno” by ERA, a French new wave band. It was actually quite popular when it came out in 1996.

The lyrics aren’t in French, though. They’re written in Pseudo-Latin — or, rather, they’re supposed to sound like Latin, but they actually don’t mean anything at all.

The meme version is a cover that alters the pitch and uses a synthesizer to give it that unusual sound. Pair that with nonsensical lyrics and you have one bizarre (and viral) song.

Commenters were thrilled about illumaayani’s revelation that TikTok’s favorite meme song made it into her parents’ wedding.

“That wasn’t a wedding, it was a ritual,” one said.

“Oh she didn’t WALK down the [aisle]… she was floating 2 feet above the ground down the [aisle],” another wrote.

“Well u gotta carry the tradition,” a third joked.

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