TikToker explores spooky abandoned amusement park

Carter Banks is an urban explorer from Oklahoma. That means he’s often getting up to hijinks in super cool buildings, like $4 million mansions, abandoned high schools and even an empty movie set in the woods on TikTok

Banks explored an undisclosed abandoned amusement park in October. However, some TikTok users recognized it as Celebration City, a Branson, Mo. theme park that shut down in 2008 after opening in 1999, which fits the description Banks gave

The park once featured over two dozen rides and attractions, Go-Karts and shopping boutiques before it was acquired and shut down by Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation. Now, the location is completely desolate but eerily intact. 

“This place shut down in 2008 due to money problems and its been left like this ever since, completely untouched,” Banks says in the video. “One of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been.” 

The video shows a boutique with clothing still hanging in the window, a closed photography store and an ice cream shop. There are even a defunct carousel and a retro diner named “Last Chance.” 

The video received over 70,000 views on TikTok. 

“This is Celebration City I worked at Last Chance diner. This was my first job when I was 14,” one user said

“The condition of it is insane if it has been closed for over 10 years,” another wrote

“Wow, let’s open it up again,” someone added.

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