TikToker gets roasted for not wearing a mask while filming skit

A TikTok influencer is stirring controversy online after filming a video inside of a convenience store without wearing a mask.

Joegotti96, AKA Joe Samaan, is a Kentucky-based influencer who often makes videos at the gas station where he works as a manager. His videos including cooking tutorials, funny skits and real footage of outlandish customers.

Recently, Samaan was filming a skit in the minimart at his gas station when a woman approached him and called him out for not wearing a mask. (The CDC notes that wearing masks can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in public settings).


Karen attacked during my vid because I didn’t have a mask #funny #karen #viral #cops #funny #LetsFaceIt #gasstation

♬ Joegotti mask – joegotti96

In response, Samaan got angry at the customer, asking her, “What do you care? What do you care?”

“I care about my safety. I care about your safety,” she responded.

When Samaan continues to roll his eyes at the camera and yell at the customer, the woman threatens to call the cops, but he doesn’t even seem to care.

Samaan recorded the entire interaction and uploaded it to TikTok assuming people would side with him. In the caption, he even referred to the woman as “Karen,” which has become a pejorative slang term in the U.S. for an angry, entitled white woman abusing their privilege.

Well, Samaan was in for a rude awakening. In the comments, the overwhelming majority of users sided with “Karen” and called Samaan out for behaving selfishly.

“YOU are the Karen,” one person said.

“No one is on your side. She’s in the right here,” another user added.

“She’s right. Creating a video or not, if there were other people in the store you should be wearing a mask. Even if it’s your store,” a third person reiterated.


#duet with @joegotti96 Better keep this on before y’all take me out #funny #fyp #foryoulage #FashionEssentials #mask #store #gasstation

♬ Joegotti mask – joegotti96

Samaan doesn’t seem to be taking the criticism too seriously. A few days after he uploaded the original video, Samaan dueted it and jokingly wore two masks so that they covered everything but his mouth.

“Better keep this on before y’all take me out,” he captioned clip.

On July 10, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear issued a statewide mask mandate, which was renewed for the remainder of August.

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