TikToker gets spooked after sneaking into the ‘haunted’ hospital where he used to work

A teenager is spooking out the internet after sharing the allegedly “haunted” encounter he had while exploring an abandoned hospital.

The unexplained sighting came after a TikTok user named Nick Coda-Ramos chose to go on a late-night journey to the Old Sacred Heart Hospital, a former Catholic hospital in Pensacola, Fla.

In a video that’s now been viewed nearly 4 million times, Coda-Ramos captured him and his friends’ reaction to finding what they believed to be a ghost inside the old building.

“This place is haunted. Actually haunted,” Coda-Ramos captioned the video.


This place is haunted. Actually haunted. Like for a part two about the history. ##ghosts ##fyp ##scary ##foryou

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The 19-year-old’s clip shows several of his friends running around the hospital’s grounds in a panic, before directing their attention to one of the building’s windows. That’s when Coda-Ramos zooms in on what he identifies as the ghost of a nun who previously worked there.

“Oh my god, it’s a real person … She’s looking at me!” one of his friends screams at the end of the video.

There are obviously several plausible explanations as to what Coda-Ramos really saw, many of which TikTokers noted in his clip’s comments.

The teen notes in his video that today there are several businesses and restaurants inside the former hospital. With that in mind, he could have been seeing a maintenance worker, or one of the building’s tenants.

Coda-Ramos was quick to dismiss those theories though. The TikToker, who used to work at a restaurant inside the hospital, posted a series of follow-up videos where he elaborated on local rumors about the building being haunted. He even shared a few photos taken by former co-workers who claimed to have also encountered the ghost of a nun.


PART THREE of the ghosts. If you have any more questions DM me on instagram about it. ##scary ##ghost ##fyp ##foryou ##hospital

♬ original sound – nick_codaramos

He also attempted to “debunk” several theories explaining what he saw, sharing that there are no maintenance workers who regularly service the building — let alone at almost midnight, which was when he recorded his video.

Additionally, he points out that there are no residential units inside the hospital, meaning the figure he saw couldn’t have been a late-night tenant.

“There was no one else there,” the teen says. “Our cars were the only cars in the whole perimeter of the building.”

Many commenters remained skeptical of the whole ordeal, but some seemed sold on the ghost story.

“A ghost nun ??? I’m sorry I’ve seen ‘The Conjuring 2’ and I all I gotta say is run,” one user wrote.

“No it’s all good, didn’t wanna sleep anyway,” another added.

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