Woman surprises mom with unexpected birthday gift: ‘Are you insane?’

A TikToker left her mother aghast when she revealed that the latter’s 65th birthday gift would be a new driveway in a now-viral clip.

On Dec. 12, 2020, Lea Stevenson shared a video in which her mother walks to their driveway, which is decorated with birthday balloons.

“Do you get it?” Stevenson asks her.


Posting my mom until she gets the love she deserves ##fyp

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When her mother says no, Stevenson then explains why the birthday balloons are placed on the ground.

“You’re getting a new driveway,” Stevenson says.

The TikToker’s mother drops her jaw in disbelief before responding.

“Lea Stevenson, are you insane?” she asks.

Stevenson, however, insists that she’s not playing a joke.

“It’s already done,” she tells her mother. “It’s just a matter of when you want it done, if it’s this week or next week.”

The mother drops her jaw again before hugging her daughter.

“Happy birthday,” Stevenson says.

The TikToker’s clip has since received nearly 5 million views and over 819,000 likes.

“Normalize gifting your parents things they need, not things they want,” one person commented.

“That’s such a good gift omg,” another wrote.

Others were impressed by how far Stevenson was willing to go for her mother.

“This a great and EXPENSIVE gift,” one user remarked. “You have made your Mom one happy person.”

“Wow that’s not cheap either!” a second wrote. “That’s awesome!”

According to HomeAdvisor, a typical driveway can cost between $2,379 and $6,476. A concrete driveway can average about $3,000 while an asphalt one is approximately $4,600.

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