TikToker gives incredible tour of Mackinac Island, the remote town where cars are banned

Mackinac Island is a one-of-a-kind place.

The remote island, located between Michigan’s Upper and Lower peninsulas, has a ban on almost all motor vehicles. There are no cars on the island — and instead, residents travel by bike and horse-drawn carriage.

Bailey Janette moved to the island two years ago. Now, the 23-year-old is going viral on TikTok for sharing everything that makes her home “special.”


Hi! I’m Bailey. Have you ever been to ##mackinacisland ? I live here! 🤗❤️✨##michigancheck ##fyp ##puremichigan

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Janette’s clip shows several scenes from her last few years on the island, which covers an area of just 4.35 square miles and is only reachable by air or ferry.

For one, she elaborates on the island’s car ban, explaining that “even our mail is delivered by horses.”

“We get around mostly on bikes and horse-drawn taxis, with the exception of snowmobiles in the winter,” she says.

Additionally, the island is mostly a tourist hub, drawing thousands of visitors each summer. In the colder months, there are less than 500 permanent residents.

Janette’s clip reveals why she chose to join that small group. While working a seasonal job on the island in 2018, she fell in love. Now, she and her boyfriend, Lukas, live together there year-round.

“Since we started our life here, we have been blessed beyond measure,” she says. “Not only did we manage to fall in love with this way of life, but we’ve also managed to forge a few lifelong friendships.”

Janette shared the video on August 12, and it’s now racked up more than 4.6 million views. Many TikTokers seemed obsessed with the lifestyle, while others shared their own knowledge of the island.

“It’s like a dream,” one user wrote.

“If this isn’t the perfect add for Mackinac Island, I don’t know what is,” another added.

“Your life sounds like one of those Hallmark movies and I mean that in the best way possible,” another added.

Commenters also had plenty of follow-up questions — like how Janette gets groceries. She addressed that complicated chore in another clip.


Reply to @speedgracerrr ayyy grocery shopping

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