TikToker goes viral for unusual apartment with secret features: ‘I need it’

TikTok user Oscar Jobes may have the ultimate space-saving dream apartment.

Jobes and a flatmate shared a video of their cool Amsterdam apartment on Jobes’ TikTok account, oscarjobes98. The video blew up with most viewers clamoring about how they’d love a chance to live in the covetable space. 

“Everybody has that one thing in their house that everybody thinks is so cool,” a woman, who’s off-screen, says. “Could be a hidden cabinet, little movie room, gadget — but ours is this.” 

In the clip, Jobes enters the room from a corridor. He grabs onto two pull-up rings dangling from the ceiling and does a backflip. But that’s not the dope feature. Instead, he walks over to the living room entertainment center built-in the wall. It’s a shelving system with a television, books and other electronics. Jobes pulls a handle to reveal a hidden staircase embedded inside the wall. He walks up the stairs, then pulls open a slab of the wooden wall. Inside there’s a giant cozy bed. 

The apartment is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s modular and space-saving. It almost feels like something from the future. Jobes’ video racked up over 23 million views. 

“I don’t want that bedroom, I need it,” one user commented

“I… want to live here,” another said

“Okay, that’s a real plot twist,” someone joked

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