TikToker shares just how cool it is to buy a drink at a Korean convenience store: ‘I wanna do this!’

TikToker MJ (@misojenkitchen) shared what it’s like to purchase a beverage from a convenience store in Korea, and it looks like so much fun! First of all, it’s all about the ice.

MJ is a TikToker and home chef who shares delicious recipes for everything from decadent desserts to creative savory dishes. In Seoul, Korea, MJ is also making it her mission to taste test all of the beverages sold at her local convenience store. In a recent video, MJ shared the unique process for purchasing a convenience store beverage in Korea.

The video begins with a shot of the interior of a convenience store in Seoul. MJ stands in front of the beverage section, which consists of a transparent freezer full of plastic cups and several shelves holding packets of beverages. The beverage packets come in many different colors, from bright green to baby blue, and each advertise a different flavor. 

MJ reaches out, opens the freezer and pulls out a plastic cup. Once the freezer door is open, it becomes clear that each of the cups is filled with ice and covered with a plastic lid. 

MJ closes the freezer, then selects her beverage: “Blue Lemon Ade.” The lemonade packet is decorated with yellow lemons floating on a blue ocean. 

To prepare her beverage, MJ removes the lid from the plastic cup. Then she peels off the plastic seal, which is protecting the ice. MJ shakes the cup to break up the ice. Next, she opens her lemonade packet and pours the beverage into her cup. As advertised, the lemonade is a bright blue color. 

Then MJ places the plastic lid back on the cup, adds a straw and exits the convenience store. As MJ walks down the streets of Seoul holding her bright blue beverage, she notes in a caption that the vibrant drink “tastes like blue.”

All about the ice

TikTokers couldn’t get enough of MJ’s unique convenience store experience!

“That is so cool! The ice is already in the cups!” one viewer wrote. 

“I want them all,” another TikToker commented. 

“I wanna do this! Looks so delicious and fun,” another viewer wrote. 

Korea certainly knows how to make a simple task like buying a beverage more exciting!

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