TikToker records ‘traumatizing’ experience getting stuck on Disneyland ride

A Disney fan got stuck on one of the park’s classic rides and dubbed it the “most traumatizing” experience.

TikToker @creatingafairytale, who calls herself Leslie in her bio, posts about Disney all the time on the platform. In one video that got over 1.2 million views, Leslie recorded the moment she got stuck on the Who Framed Roger Rabbit-themed ride, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin.

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin is a dark ride — referring to an indoor ride that focuses on storytelling through specially lit scenes — found at Disneyland and the Toyko Disneyland theme parks.

However, in Leslie’s recent experience, she got stuck on the Roger Rabbit-themed ride, and the lights turned on — a phenomenon that many Disney fans have described as “uncomfortable.” Plus, her car stopped right in front of two neon-colored clowns who bounced back and forth.

“Most traumatizing ride to get stuck on,” Leslie wrote in the text overlay of the video.


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Fellow Disney fans flooded the comments with their experiences getting stuck on rides — igniting a debate over what is actually the scariest ride to get stuck on.

“Pirates of the Caribbean is so scary to get stuck on [because] there’s some parts of the ride that are completely dark,” one person said.

“The Little Mermaid one was hilariously terrifying,” another chimed in. “Ursula’s face fell off mid-ride.”

“Try Pinocchio[‘s] Daring Journey,” someone wrote. “Almost cried on that one a month ago.”

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