After a driver cursed a woman out at a drive-thru, she responded in a ‘powerful’ way

A TikToker has earned praise for the way she responded to a driver who had allegedly cursed her out at a drive-thru.

On Jan. 13, user @sarcastichijabiii81, a Lebanese Canadian, recorded herself telling a cashier at the unidentified drive-thru that she wanted to pay for the driver behind her.

“So this happened today …” she wrote in a text overlay. “The guy behind me greeted me this morning with a kind word ‘BI$&H![‘] Honestly I dont know why. All [good] tho … this is how I attack … kill them with kindness.”


No point in stressing..I’ve been called worst##fyp ##fypシ ##hijabiqueen ##xyzbca ##nocryingzone ##killemwithkindness

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In the clip, the TikToker engages in a brief conversation with the cashier.

“Yeah, and I wanna pay for the guy behind me,” she tells the cashier. “What did he order?”

When the cashier responds with the driver’s order, the TikToker doesn’t hesitate to pay for it.

“Okay, and tell him that’s for calling me a b**** and to have a good day,” she says in a calm voice. “I’ll pay for it, yeah.”

The TikToker then turns to the camera and addresses her viewers.

“So the guy behind me wanted to call me a b****,” she says. “It’s okay. I’ll buy his coffee. Hopefully, he has a better day.”

Before the clip ends, @sarcastichijabiii81 reminds the cashier to tell the driver at the drive-thru what she said.

The TikTok has since received nearly 2 million views and a flood of supportive comments from fellow TikTok users.

“This is POWERFUL!!!!” one person simply wrote in response.

“Nothing hurts more than being rude to someone and that SAME person returns kindness to you,” another added.

“He’s going to be thinking about that for a LONG time,” a third posted.

Other clips posted by @sarcastichijabiii81touch on empowering women and the Arabic community. As a result, the TikToker has amassed over 60,000 followers to date.

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