TikToker reveals ‘genius’ carry-on hack for travelers on a budget

A TikToker shared her tricks for getting around airport rules to sneak in carry-on items. 

We’ve all been shut down during flight onboarding for bringing too many things. Who doesn’t dread having to check their suitcase? Luckily, Taylor Watson has got a few hacks for that. She shared her tips on how to get hats and extra items onto any flight and racked up 4.6 million views on TikTok

“No hat boxes? Use a necklace like this to hang them from your bag,” Watson said

She used a gold chain to fasten a sun hat to her carry-on. Then she pinned two more hats onto the first. 

“Make sure you get a personal item that attaches to your suitcase,” she advised.

She pulled the handle of her suitcase through a travel bag to combine them.

“They won’t take a bag that looks like you bought in the gate area,” Watson explained. “Clip it to your personal item, they won’t look inside.”

She grabbed any old brown paper bag with handles and loaded in extra items like slippers and snacks. 

“Wear a crossbody under a hoodie or jacket. They can’t ask to check under your clothes after TSA, you’re welcome,” she said

She concealed a small purse under a baggy sweater and was good to go. 

“Sometimes we need to save a dollar and this is genius,” a user commented.

“This is just traveling smart,” a person said

“This is helpful for people on a budget,” another wrote

But not everyone enjoyed Watson’s hacks. Some accused her of taking up extra space that belonged to other passengers. 

“Or you could check your bags and stop being a selfish, self-entitled jerk that doesn’t leave room for two other people’s extra items,” someone commented

Watson responded to the comment in a follow-up post. She showed herself boarding the flight, placing her carry-on in the overhead compartment and the rest of the items under her seat. She didn’t appear to be using any more than the assigned amount of room. So if you plan on hacking the airport rules, do so at your own risk. 

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