TikToker reveals how Costco puts sauce on pizza

TikToker Brendan Jay Sullivan (@pizzas) revealed how Costco puts sauce on pizza and shared his thoughts on the technique in a hilarious video.

Sullivan is a pizza chef who shares recipes and tours of his favorite pizzerias on TikTok. In one video, Sullivan went behind the scenes at Costco, where he revealed the machine Costco uses to add sauce to pizza. Filled with his hilarious commentary, the video has racked up 9 million views and counting.

The video begins with Sullivan standing outside of the Costco pizza kitchen. He watches through the window as employees in red hats and aprons work. As a pizza chef slides a circle of pizza dough onto a small circular table, Sullivan says, “Oh, cool! We can watch them make pizza!”

“What does that machine do?” Sullivan asks as the circular table slowly begins to spin. As he watches, red pizza sauce begins to pour out of a tube that hovers a few inches over the pizza. “Is that sauce?” he asks, incredulously. 

As the pizza spins, the sauce spigot at first remains stationary. The sauce pours onto the outer edge of the pizza in a circle. But once the circle is complete, the spigot moves inward slightly, to create a second ring of sauce. “OK, that’s enough,” says Sullivan as more sauce begins to cover the pizza dough in a thick layer. 

But the sauce machine doesn’t stop! The spigot continues to move inward, covering the pizza dough in more and more sauce. “All right, that’s fine,” Sullivan says anxiously as the sauce covers about half of the pizza. “Now, something’s gotta zamboni the sauce to the middle.”

Sullivan grows increasingly incredulous at the amount of sauce on the pizza, but the sauce spigot does not stop. “It keeps going?” Sullivan says anxiously. “All right, stop it already! Somebody!”

But still, the sauce does not stop. The video ends as the sauce machine covers the entire circle of pizza dough in sauce, at which point Sullivan plaintively yells, “Mom!”

“There’s never enough sauce on pizza.”

Viewers were split on whether Costco’s sauce machine was adding too much sauce. 

“There’s never enough sauce on pizza,” one pro-sauce viewer wrote.

“Bruh, that’s too much,” another viewer chimed in. 

“Costco pizza is honestly top tier,” another viewer wrote. 

No matter your thoughts on the amount of sauce Costco uses, their sauce machine certainly looks cool!

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