TikToker reveals what traveling for work is really like: ‘Not glamorous’

Apparently, traveling for work is actually nothing like what most people imagine.

There seems like no shortage of social media posts where people share their comped luxury hotel digs. But if you’ve ever gotten FOMO, there’s a little more to work travel than fancy hotels and room service. TikToker @danyawass shared that the so-called perk does have its setbacks. 


Disclaimer: i literally love traveling for work. Just another #instagramvsreality moment! #travel #businesstravel #fyp #personalassistant

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“New theory: People who think that traveling for work is glamorous have never traveled for work,” she said in the video. “I’m in a beautiful hotel, in a great city, and I’m gonna basically see nothing and do nothing. Uber, hotel, train station — then we’re out.” 

TikTokers agreed with her take on traveling for work: It was mostly just more work. 

“Seriously, used to think it would be so cool but then I learned your time is not your own on work trips,” a user wrote. She replied, “Yes!! It’s not that it’s bad it’s just not really travel lol.”

“Agreed, but I do like being able to expense pricey airport food,” another said

“I’ve started trying to get an extra day and night, willing to pay for hotel myself if it means I can take one more day and see things,” someone replied

“PREACH SIS. Sleeping in a hotel chain more than your own bed is not glamorous,” a person added

“It’s fun for a second and then it gets exhausting. Of course, you can use your reward miles for a fun trip later,” a TikToker wrote

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