This guy who roasts McMansions from Zillow is my new favorite TikToker

TikTok user @cyberexboyfriend is every realtor’s worst nightmare.

On his account, which boasts 32,000 followers and counting, he hosts a popular series in which he tears apart random McMansions he finds on Zillow.

It all started on Nov. 3, when @cyberexboyfriend posted a video captioned “roasting homes on Zillow.”

The first home @cyberexboyfriend critiques is a six-bedroom home for sale in Mckinney, Texas, for just under $1.7 million. He is not a fan.

On the exterior of the house, @cyberexboyfriend is especially unenthusiastic about the turret, or the small tower that projects from the wall.

“Why the f*** is there this round cylinder here?” he asks. “This is an abomination.”

The inside of the house doesn’t do much better in @cyberexboyfriend’s review. In the home office, he holds nothing back, insulting everything from the “mint green” walls to the “tin ceiling” and the “fake wood floors.”

Commenters were equally harsh about the McMansion.

“It’s more roof than house,” one person said.

“Why does it look like it was made on The Sims,” another user asked.

With such an outpouring of support from his followers, @cyberexboyfriend decided to turn his one-off video into an uproarious series.

Easily the funniest and most viral video in the series to date is the one in which @cyberexboyfriend critiques a $675,000 four-bedroom home, also located in Mckinney, Texas.

Though this house is definitely more reasonably priced than the castle-esque McMansion with the turret, @cyberexboyfriend still has a lot to say about its design.

First, @cyberexboyfriend can’t seem to fathom why anyone would need a three-car garage.

“Who the f*** has a three-car garage? You really have three depreciating assets, my dude?” he asks.

In the kitchen, he also questions why whoever designed the house put a range “smack in the middle of the kitchen.” He then goes after the architecture of the room, wondering why there is an “ugly” curved wall “that just ruins the entire flow.”

Fellow TikTokers had just as much to say about this bewildering homestead.

“That flooring stresses me out,” one person said.

“What is this place? So confusing,” another added.

“Proof that money can’t buy taste,” a third commented.

Check out @cyberexboyfriend’s TikTok to see all of his hilarious (and surprisingly insightful) McMansion roasts.

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