TikToker sees ‘ghost’ after using rotoscope filter: ‘Time to move out’

A TikToker might have conjured up a ghost by doing the rotoscope challenge

A viral filter on the app has people turning themselves into rotoscope animations while they dance. In the trend, people groove to some music, and when the beat drops, they transform into rotoscope animations. However, when @abbyjhouser used the filter, she got the spook of her life rather than some innocent fun.

“OMG. I was alone in my apartment, and a random face appeared,” she said in the caption. 

She danced in a circle to some music. But when her back was turned away from the camera, a face appeared next to her on the screen. Unlike her animation, which outlined her whole body, the face only appeared as a pair of sunglasses, nose and mouth. While @abbyjhouser was still in cartoon form, she turned to look at the face, stunned. 

People couldn’t help but crack jokes about the bizarre video. 

“You THOUGHT you were alone in the apartment,” a user said

“The ghost was just dying to vibe with you,” another wrote

“What a festive way to find out you have an invisible friend,” someone added

“I would’ve started swinging at the air,” a person replied

“Time to move out,” a TikToker commented

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