TikToker shares 10 super easy Halloween looks you can throw together

Beauty guru Erin Dugan Jurchak is getting us pumped for this upcoming Halloween with her 10 days of 10 easy Halloween looks on TikTok.

Each costume can be achieved with only a little makeup and a bit of imagination. And since we’ll likely be celebrating via Zoom this year, all you really need is a great makeup look anyway! 

To see all 10 looks be sure to check out Jurchak’s TikTok — but for now, check out her most popular ones:


DAY 4/10 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials // The Deer Pt. 2 🦌 (head to my profile for Pt. 2) #halloweenmakeup #halloween #makeuptutorial #deermakeup

♬ Upside Down – JVKE

The artist’s deer costume, required only a soft smokey eye, a black top lip and a drawn-on black heart on the nose. Then she simply dotted concealer onto her cheekbones and forehead to create the animal’s spots. 


DAY 10/10 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials // IT-inspired Pretty Clown 🤡🖤 ib: @jamescharles #clownmakeup #halloweenmakeup #scarymakeup #clown #it

♬ Clown – Chjolo

Her “IT”-inspired clown makeup is a lot easier than it looks. After doing a black and red smokey eye, she drew two black triangles above her eyebrows and two small inverted triangles under her eyes. She connected the points of the inverted triangles with lines running down her cheeks to the corners of her lips. Simple but convincing! 


DAY 1/10 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks // Glam Scarecrow! Follow to see the rest of the looks 🖤 #halloweenmakeup #makeuptutorial #halloween

♬ This Is Halloween – TryHardNinja

Jurchak’s third most popular look is a glam scarecrow. She put orange eyeshadow on her lids, cheekbones and forehead. Then she drew a black circle on her nose and filled it in with the same orange. She added lines around the circumference of the circle to look like stitches. Jurchak finished the look off with red lipstick and two black stitch lines protruding from the corners of her mouth. 


DAY 2/10 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials // Smokey-Eyed Skeleton 🖤Follow to see all 10! #halloweenmakeup #makeuptutorial #halloween #skeleton

♬ Ashes – Stellar

For a smokey-eyed skeleton look, Jurchak covered her face (including her lips) in a too-light foundation and did a black smokey eye. Then she coated the tip of her nose in black so that it looked hallow. She drew a black line from one side of her cheeks to the other, crossing where her lips part. Then she added vertical slashes across the horizontal line to make the skeleton-like teeth. Finally, she mixed a dark grey eye shadow with a bronzer for a spooky contour on her forehead and cheeks. 


DAY 5/10 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials // Statue Coming to Life 🖤 follow your see the other looks! #halloween #makeup #halloweenmakeup #spooky

♬ EXORCIST – KxllSwxtch

Jurchak’s most popular look racked up over 2.2 million TikTok views. The statue-coming-to-life look is actually quite elegant. First, she created a squiggle circle around her eye with foundation. Then she added ordinary glam eye makeup. Jurchak covered the rest of her face in the lightest concealer she owns and heavily powdered it. She traced the squiggle circle in black liner and drew small lines to illustrate cracks. Perfection!

More into having a spooky Halloween this year? Well, clowns are back.

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