TikToker shares behind-the-scenes look at how she creates hyperrealistic face masks

Gina D’Aloisio is a Toronto-based artist in her early 20s whose focus on hyperrealistic molds are getting her noticed on TikTok.

In December, she racked up 3 million TikTok views when she showed off a homemade face mask — literally. D’Alosio’s mask was a smidgen different than the N95s you’ll find in stores. Her silicone mask was molded after her actual face. It matched her features perfectly when she wore it, making for a look that was both fun and a bit spooky. 

“The mask was inspired by my notions of identity and uncanny valley,” D’Alosio told In The Know. “A lot of my art combines body and object to subvert the meaning of the object and take you out of the every day in order to question your surroundings.”

D’Alosio did however state in the video that the mask is art, not protective gear. 

In another clip, she gave a little more insight into her process. D’Alosio “mats down” the mask or mattifies its glossy finish. She then coats it in a mixture of silicone and mineral spirit, then brushes it with matting powder. D’Alosio then bakes it and brushes off any excess powder. When the mask is done, it’s no longer shiny and matches her natural complexion better. 

You can purchase one of D’Alosio’s masks at her website

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