TikToker shares delicious and healthy Trader Joe’s snack: ‘It’s amazing’

TikToker Paige Lindgren (@paigelindgren) shared a deliciously healthy snack made entirely from Trader Joe’s foods.

Lindgren is a wellness TikToker and certified hormone specialist with a serious soft spot for Trader Joe’s. The TikToker recently shared how to make one of her favorite Trader Joe’s snacks, and it had TikTokers running straight to their nearest TJ’s.

“If you’ve never made this before, don’t wait another day,” the video caption reads.

The video begins with Lindgren sitting in her car. “I have the most intense craving for my favorite Trader Joe’s snack, and look where I am!” she says, panning the camera to reveal the exterior of a Trader Joe’s.

“Once you make this, you will not be able to stop,” the TikToker promises before exiting her car and heading to the store. 

Once inside Trader Joe’s, Lindgren grabs her ingredients. She starts with a box of steamed lentils. She then plucks a container of bruschetta sauce with tomatoes, olive oil, basil and garlic from a shelf.

Next, she chooses a vegan feta cheese alternative along with a vegan kale, cashew and basil pesto.

Once at home, Lindgren shares how she mixes up her delicious snack. She starts by pouring the cooked lentils into a bowl. Then she mixes in half the container of bruschetta sauce. Next, she crumbles in the vegan feta, explaining, “You can use any feta you like, but I really like Trader Joe’s vegan feta.” 

Finally, Lindgren adds the vegan pesto, saying, “I could literally drink Trader Joe’s vegan pesto.” Then she mixes all of the ingredients and eats them on a rice cake.

“You could also put this on a salad or even eat it with a spoon,” Lindgren explains, as the video ends. 

TikTokers offer up their own ideas

Viewers applauded Lindgren’s recipe and shared their own creative twists on it. 

“Add lemon juice and olive oil too. It’s amazing,” one viewer suggested.

“Hear me out: Stuff bell peppers with that,” another viewer commented. 

“Oh my god, this is amazing, and all of these vegan products I didn’t know about!” wrote another viewer.

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