Woman shares ‘the funniest’ tattoo after asking internet for help

A TikToker couldn’t help but laugh at her own predicament after she asked the internet for stick-and-poke tattoo suggestions.

In response to a challenge that asks users to share their embarrassing stick-and-poke tattoos, 21-year-old user @benadrylcucumberpatch recalled how she got drunk once during quarantine and decided to mingle with some “acquaintances” that she had met online.

“During the first COVID lockdown, I got really drunk one night alone and went online to ask acquaintances pretty much at the time what stick-and-poke I should give myself because I’m so funny,” she says in her clip. “And then I blacked out.”


##stitch with @seaniiiy.kashanian thanks for the suggestion Parker 😀

♬ original sound – Bobo

The 21-year-old says she then woke up to a surprise on her arm: a stick-and-poke tattoo of Spongebob Squarepants antagonist DoodleBob.

“The funniest thing on my arm, haha,” she says.

Fellow TikTokers seemed to get a kick out of the woman’s story.

“This better go viral omg,” at least one wrote in response.

The challenge started with @seaniiiy.kashanian on Jan. 24, when he showed off a stick-and-poke tattoo of the number “21” written in Roman numerals. In his caption, he claims he got the tattoo when he was just 11 years old.

“I literally wrote in numeral ‘uminos,'” he says in his TikTok, while repeatedly failing to say “Roman numerals” properly. “I don’t even know why I picked writing it in numeral ‘uminos.’ I literally wrote it in numeral ‘uminos.’ I don’t even know how to f***ing say it. Numeral ‘uminos.'”


All I know I was 11 years old and I decided my favorite number was 21 ##sticknpoketattoo ##foryoupage 

♬ original sound – ARSeaniiy Kashanian

Another TikToker, user @s0yamilk, shared an “unconventional” tattoo of a plain figure embracing another with the words “Hold on tight spidermonkey” written underneath — a reference to a scene in the film Twilight.


##stitch with @seaniiiy.kashanian I actually love it 💜 ##Duet ##stickandpoke ##tattoo ##twilight ##edwardcullen ##robertpattinson ##spidermonkey

♬ original sound – Rebeccaboo

“I would purposely get that,” one person quipped.

“Well that’s another tattoo the list I want,” another commented.

Unlike most tattoos, stick-and-poke tattoos are created without the use of a machine. Artists typically use a needle with ink and insert it into the skin repeatedly to create a design.

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