TikToker shares her elaborate, ‘out of this world’ rainbow hair designs

Chelsea Greene is more than just a hairdresser, she’s a hair artist

Her work, shared on TikTok, is bold, vibrant and colorful. But Greene’s signature style goes beyond cutting and dying her clients’ hair. She paints ornate patterns and images onto her patrons, using their heads as canvases. When she’s done Greene’s haircuts look more like surreal stained glass windows, collages or murals. 

Like a rainbow undercut she created in March, for example. Greene colored a rainbow bob with warm tones on one side and cool tones on the other. But the hidden image underneath is the real star. When the client lifts the back of her bob, it revealed a giant flower painted on the buzzed-down section of hair. 

But if you want to fully understand Greene’s technique watching her full-head mandala video will help. The artist bleached the customer’s hair and buzzed it quite short. Greene used a razor to carve out the pattern on the hair so that it’s broken into small, geometric sections. She then painted each section a different color to make the intricate mandala pop. 

Then there’s one of the artist’s most popular looks on TikTok, a Lisa Frank-esque hair makeover. Greene transformed a woman’s pink pixie cut into a collage of patterns featuring a green alien, black and white swirl, galaxy and checkered prints. 


Do you believe? 👽 🌈 🌌 Inspired by @trippydraws 🖤 Which part is your favorite? *stay tuned for more after footage* #alien #rainbowart #haircolor

♬ Solo – Clean Bandit,Demi Lovato

The video received over 1.1 million views on TikTok

“That is out of this world,” one user commented

“That’s so sick! I love it,” another wrote

“Lisa Frank vibes,” someone added.

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