TikToker shares how to make the ‘perfect’ medium-rare steak

This TikTok chef shared her recipe for the “perfect” steak, and it caused some serious controversy in the comments section!

Connie “Lovely” Jackson (@cheflovely) is a TikToker, chef and the host of the cooking show Lovely Bites on OWN. Lovely shares a wide range of recipes on TikTok, but none had TikTokers more divided than her recipe for the “perfect” steak. While many TikTokers were drooling over Lovely’s lovingly cooked steak, others thought her “perfect” steak wasn’t so perfect after all.

The source of the controversy? Lovely prefers her steak medium rare.

The video begins with a shot of Lovely standing in her kitchen, the finished steak on a cutting board in front of her. Then a caption appears that reads, “The perfect steak.” 

Lovely winks at the camera, then begins to share her recipe. She starts by patting the steak dry with a towel. Then she seasons it with salt and pepper and places it in a pan. After searing the steak on both sides for two minutes, she bastes it with a mixture of garlic, rosemary and butter. 

Next, Lovely places the steak in the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for five minutes. Once out of the oven, she lets the steak rest for 10 minutes and uses that time to make a flavorful herb butter out of butter, shallots, garlic, herbs, lemon zest, and salt and pepper. 

Then Lovely thinly slices the steak. While the outside is seared to a deep brown, the inside is pink. Once the steak is sliced, she tops it with a few dollops of the herb butter, then uses a blowtorch to melt it onto the steak. 

The video ends with a shot of the final steak, ready to eat. Lovely serves it on a cutting board with a simple basket of french fries and a small ramekin of sauce.

TikTokers were torn about the ‘perfect’ claim

Lovely’s recipe racked up an impressive 7.4 million views and counting on TikTok, but viewers couldn’t agree on whether her steak was truly “perfect.”

“Everything in this video is perfect and beautiful,” one impressed TikToker wrote. 

“I don’t even like steak, but I would give her all my money for this,” another viewer responded.

Others, however, complained that Lovely’s steak wasn’t cooked enough. 

“Nope. Not perfect. Raw steak, sis,” wrote one perplexed viewer. 

“Girl, that steak isn’t cooked all the way through. Keep cooking it,” another TikToker recommended.

Ultimately, whether you like your steak rare or well done is a matter of taste — literally! As long as you follow food safety best practices, how you cook your steak is up to you.

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