TikToker shares the ‘messed up’ reason she almost got fired from McDonald’s

A McDonald’s employee is going viral on TikTok after sharing the “messed up” reason she almost lost her job.

The story, which many are praising as a powerful example of how to handle workplace conflicts, took place when the employee, named Benita, was just 16.

Benita, who still works at McDonald’s today, explained on TikTok that she was accused of sneaking free food to a “massive” group of her high school friends.

The drama took place on the night of a big high school party. After the event ended, countless teens — many of whom Benita knew — flooded into her store at once.

“One minute there’s one person in the dining room. I blink twice and there’s hundreds of kids, teens in the dining room,” Benita explained.


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The teens were apparently being so rowdy that Benita’s manager called the police. In the meantime, she told Benita not to serve food to anyone.

Her friends, however, didn’t back down. Benita said that her friends kept asking her for free food, and she continuously said no.

“I’m not an idiot,” she said. “If I give one of them food, then they’re all gonna want food.”

Finally, one of her friends asked for something free: a packet of sugar. Benita handed it to them, and three days later, she was in her manager’s office — seconds away from getting fired.

In her second video, Benita explained that her manager questioned her about the night, claiming that other employees said she’d given free food to a group.

“He said, ‘This will result in your immediate termination.’ And I was like, ‘What? Check the cameras, dude. I didn’t give away s***.'”


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Benita held her ground, telling her manager she was sure she didn’t give anyone free food. She argued back and defended herself — and her boss let her keep her job.

TikTok users praised the teen’s handling of the situation, saying it was a “mature” way for a 16-year-old to navigate the issue. Others were impressed that she followed the store’s policies, and avoided giving away food.

‘Way to rise above,” one user wrote.

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