TikToker shares what it’s like to take care of his mom with Alzheimer’s: ‘I miss her so much’

TikTok user Cory Jeanguenat is using his platform to open up about his mother’s life with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. His mom was diagnosed with the conditions eight years ago

Alzheimer’s is a disorder that causes the brain cells to degenerate and die, and it’s the most common cause of dementia, a decline in thinking and behavioral skills, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Because healthcare in the U.S. is exorbitantly priced, Jeanguenat often takes time off work to care for his mom when they cannot afford a home aide. He shares some of these intimate moments with his mother on TikTok

Like when he wakes his mother up each morning to tell her he loves her or just celebrating the fact that she can stand up on her own and gaze out the window. 


Every morning, I wake my mom up and get her ready for the day ❤️ always show love. Spreading positivity on tiktok ❤️ #fyp #foryou #viral #dementia

♬ original sound – cory jeanguenat

In one video, he revealed he plays music for his mother every day to help heal her.


Be good to your mother. You never know when she will be gone. I love you so much mom. Please get better 😪❤️ #fyp #viral #tiktok

♬ original sound – cory jeanguenat

“She loves music,” Jeanguenat said with an acoustic guitar under his arm. “So I play for her every single morning. It makes her happy. Music is good for the brain. So I make sure to try and help bring her back. I really want my mom back to normal. I miss her so much. Dementia is a cruel disease.” 

The touching video received over 1.8 million views.

“I’m a neurologist nurse and you are the most caring son I have ever seen in my practice,” one user commented.

“You are the sweetest son ever. I’m crying right now because I can so relate with my father,” another wrote

“You are a wonderful son,” someone added.

Jeanguenat is currently raising money to help fund his mother’s care on GoFundMe.

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