TikToker surprised that genius pan-cleaning hack actually works: ‘No way!’

TikToker @danshaba tried a trending hack for making an old, burned pan look spanking new, and he was completely shocked when it worked!

Ruined cookware is a tale as old as time for any home chef, but blackened greasy pans don’t have to be a problem anymore, thanks to ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

Armed with his tools (salt, baking soda, dish soap, a steel-wool sponge, paper towels and white vinegar), Shaba attempted to perform a miracle. 


Finally a hack that’s actually useful! 😍

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First, Shaba flipped a pan upside-down to reveal its greasy bottom and covered it with salt. Then he poured (a lot of) baking soda over the salt. 

Next came the dish soap, poured generously. He then scrubbed the solution with a steel-wool sponge and covered the pan with paper towels.

The final touch was soaking the paper towel with white vinegar. Shaba then rubbed all the grime and debris off the pan. Shaba was shocked to discover that it worked and that the pan looked brand new.

Some TikTok users were suspicious that the hack was a hoax or trick. Many wanted verification from other users to see if it actually worked.

One user wrote, “I tried! And no this does not work!” but Shaba responded, writing, “Then you must have done it wrong cause this works 100%.” 

After more followers commented that this experiment didn’t work for them, Shaba clarified in the comments that before moving on to the paper towel step, he had to scrub the pan extremely hard. Loosening up the grease with some muscle made the last step of wiping away all that grime all the more satisfying. 

The secret to this hack’s success lies with the baking soda and white vinegar combination. These two ingredients, when combined, can effectively cut through grease and help to clean your oven, too! Just remember to make sure your oven is turned off before you clean it.

This hack is also a natural alternative to harsh chemicals that can be unhealthy for both you and the environment! 

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