TikToker who is paralyzed shares video of best friend transferring her into wheelchair

A New Jersey-based influencer has gone viral after sharing a sweet interaction with her best friend on TikTok.

TikToker Jess Tawil (@jesstawil) has amassed more than 2.3 million followers and 55 million likes by sharing her day-to-day experiences as someone who has paraplegia.

One of her videos, which has more than 5.9 million views, was particularly popular on the platform. Posted to her account in late January, Jess showed followers how her best friend transfers her into her wheelchair.

“I’m paralyzed at the waist down and I’m going to show you how my best friend gets me out of the car,” Jess says to the camera while her friend stands next to her.

“I got into an accident 8 years ago and she’s been doing this ever since,” read text on the video. “She’s the only one that never left my side.”

The video then shows Jess and her bestie laughing while transferring Jess from the passenger seat into her wheelchair.

“We did it!” says Jess before embracing her friend.

As the video concludes, Jess remarks, “Give me my phone. Let’s go eat, I’m starving.”

With over 839,900 comments, many TikTok users have expressed how much they love their friendship.

“The matching jackets so cute,” said @iconicolee.

“Tough women, stronger friendship & unconditional love. Happy for you both,” wrote @boroughgirl.

“Love the friendship you feel the love through the video,” said @shanibabyy.

Jess took to the comments herself and detailed the depth of their bond.

“It’s been 12 years. She knew me before I was paralyzed.”

In additional TikTok videos, Jess shared details about the harrowing situation that led to paraplegia.

“On November 15th of 2014 my ‘friend’ and her friends kidnapped me while they were under the influence. We got into a car accident, and I was left paralyzed.”

She continues, “I sustained a spinal cord injury from T6 below. They left the scene unaffected.”

From showing how she washes her face to revealing her “biggest flex” which is that she “can’t feel waxing or any kind of painful hair removal” many of her videos give audiences a candid and informative look into how she lives as someone who has paraplegia.

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