TikToker with extremely rare form of dwarfism shows what living with the condition is like

Mackenzie Trush has Spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia (SEMD), a rare form of dwarfism with less than 100 known cases. Trush is 36 inches tall, but height isn’t the only way to take up space. She pursued acting during her college days at Rowan University and held her own on stage with much praise from the student body

Now the 23-year-old uses TikTok as her stage to educate others about dwarfism. She shares daily life hacks and information about her condition to demystify any assumptions about what dwarfism is like. Here are a few of her videos with over 1 million views. 

In one video, she reveals how she navigates her kitchen all the while sharing a taco recipe. Trush uses a stepping stool to reach the stove, a spatula to turn its notches and a fridge that’s not much taller than she is.


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In August, her video of “random things” that aren’t accessible highlights how we take so many aspects of society for granted. Trush goes to a department store, but even on her tiptoes, she can’t reach the hand sanitizer station. 

That same month, one of her most popular videos to date, shows how she reaches items on the top shelf at the supermarket.

“Excuse me, can you hand me the pork roll?” Trush says to another woman shopping in the aisle. 

The woman grabs the package from the top shelf and hands it to her. 

The video received over 3.1 million views on TikTok

“I work at a grocery store and the shelves are hard to reach up top for a lot of people. They need to lower them,” one user commented

“Nothing like teamwork,” another said

“Kindness goes a long way,” someone said

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