TikTokers are encouraging their friends and themselves to move on with the ‘he is not the love of your life’ sound bite: ‘He is literally just a guy!’

TikTokers are using a newly popularized sound bite to encourage their friends and themselves to get over guys that aren’t worth their time.

The 23-year-old musician and TikTok personality Chrissy Chlapecka (@chrissychlapecka) posted a TikTok in mid-March in which she urges her followers to get over a guy who “is not the love of your life.”

“He is not the love of your life. He is literally just a guy. Hit him with your car,” she says jokingly.

The video, which has more than 8.1 million views and 1.9 million likes, has since become one of the platform’s new trending sounds. TikTok users are recording videos of themselves lip-syncing Chrissy’s PSA.

Masi Bo (@masimb0), a content creator, made a video from the perspective of “single friends giving relationship advice.”

“I’m yet to be proven wrong,” a TikToker replied.

“coaches don’t play babes,” one user joked.

“lmfao this is so me,” another admitted.

Noura (@nourakilla) used the soundbite to create a video explaining to her best friend that she shouldn’t settle.

“My sisters are deep in the trenches not me though be easy,” someone replied.

“I need someone to scream this into my face everyday,” another claimed.

“I’m going to respectfully ignore this advice,” one user joked.

Aspynn Arlene (@its.asspynn) interpreted Chrissy’s PSA as a wake-up call for herself.

“Me to myself ab my siturationship,” she writes.

“literally and then i’m kicking my feet whenever he texts me,” a TikTok user replied.

“We are currently on our 5th break but he will be back by tmr,” another revealed.

“but at the same time he is the loml,” someone admitted.

Sometimes, all it takes is a five-second video reminding us that “he is literally just a guy” to either knock some sense into us or fall deeper into a bad habit.

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