TikTokers are moved by cat and baby’s incredible bond: ‘Best friends since the beginning’

This stray cat turned family member has the most adorable bond with its human baby sister!

Bruna Fava (@brufava) is a TikToker and mom who’s accumulated a following of over 1.5 million users for her videos featuring recipes, parenting hacks, and fun moments with her adorable daughter, Natalie. Recently, Fava posted a clip highlighting the special connection between Natalie and their cat, Cindy. 


Cindy was a stray cat and now is Natalie’s big sister 🥺 #catlover

♬ Smile Keeper – Hm

The clip captioned “Cindy was a stray cat and now is Natalie’s big sister” features a video montage of Natalie going from baby to toddler while bonding with her furry friend. 

Somehow, each shot manages to be cuter than the last one. Natalie’s delightful squeals and smiles are absolutely infectious and can instantly brighten up anyone’s mood. 

One shot shows Natalie in a bubble bath with Cindy standing guard. Another adorable clip features Natalie pushing Cindy down a slide into a ball pit. The video also features plenty of footage of Natalie sporting cute outfits and a wide grin as she sits next to her four-legged friend. 

There’s no shortage of joy between the dynamic duo who do everything together. Whether the two are playing, snuggling, or just chilling, Cindy the cat is never far from Natalie.

TikTok viewers were moved by their close relationship. 

“Best friends since the beginning,” commented one user. 

“Her videos put me in the best mood,” another viewer mentioned. 

“That cat is DOWN for her. So cute,” someone else gushed. 

“Omg, this is too cute when she pushed the cat down the slide,” one parent enthused. 

“I love that you named her Cindy! So cute! She hit the lotto with your sweet family,” complimented another onlooker. 

The special bond between people and animals is unlike any other. Now more than ever, people are recognizing their pets as family members

Caring for animals is a scientifically proven way to reduce anxiety and stress. It can sometimes be a struggle to introduce a newborn to a family pet, but there are plenty of tips and tricks that can help! Meanwhile, it’s refreshing to see an example of a thriving cat and human baby relationship. 

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