TikTokers are obsessed with this Wendy’s employee who sounds like a robot

A Wendy’s customer is going viral after sharing her surprising exchange with a drive-thru worker.

The customer, who goes by the name Cherokee Chica on social media, shared the encounter on TikTok. In her video, she places her order from an employee who, to her, sounds more like a recording than a human being.

“I couldn’t believe it was a real person,” the TikToker commented on her clip.

It’s easy to see why she felt that way. The employee answers a series of complicated questions during her order, all while maintaining a monotone, robotic disposition.


I should’ve recorded when I first pulled up but his voice caught me off guard , he’s definitely in the ##wrongprofession ##voiceeffets

♬ original sound – cherokeechica

Cherokee Chica’s TikTok has since been viewed more than 820,000 times, with commenters pouring in their shock over the employee’s voice. Some even suggested he actually may have been an automated recording.

“Ur telling me that’s NOT a robot?” one user asked.

That mystery was solved though, thanks to a few TikTok detectives. Commenters managed to find the worker, who is a talented impressionist with his own TikTok account.


Taking orders like a boss ##fyp ##viral ##follow ##wendys ##order ##work ##fun ##voice ##robot ##radio ##famous ##like ##share ##popular

♬ original sound – shadowwielder

Several TikTokers claimed they knew exactly which Wendy’s Cherokee Chica had visited, writing that they’d had experiences with the worker before. It’s unclear how often he takes orders as a “robot,” but it is clear that TikTok users can’t get enough of it.

“If the MTA is looking for a new voice on the Subway announcements, this man is it!” one user wrote.

“I want to be friends with him,” another added.

As for Cherokee Chica, she wrote that she “lost it” when she got to the window and saw she’d been speaking with a real person.

“This guy sure did make my day,” the TikToker said.

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