TikTokers are stuck in their ways with the yesterday, today and tomorrow trend

Breaking bad habits can be a struggle sometimes, but TikTokers are leaning into them as much as possible with a trending style of TikTok

In this format, TikTokers are posting three pictures of themselves. Each picture is labeled with “yesterday,” “today,” or “tomorrow,” along with a certain habit or personality trait of theirs. It’s a simple trend to follow and has allowed users to show the thing they participate in the most. 

These habits can range from not getting enough sleep to making random noises. 

Here, @nottrebeca is presenting to the world that she is a complainer and will do it every day. 

Photo credit: @nottrebeca via TikTok
Photo credit: @nottrebeca via TikTok
Photo credit: @nottrebeca via TikTok

“It’s my worst habit. I am a complainer through and through,” replied @dont_get_it_twisted0_0.

These habits aren’t all necessarily bad ones either, as they’re just quirks from users. 

Below, @culanator is taking pride in the fact that he will send countless TikToks daily. 

Photo credit: @culanator via TikTok
Photo credit: @culanator via TikTok
Photo credit: @culanator via TikTok

Outside of the actual pictures in the slideshows, an integral part of this trend is the music. The audio behind the template is “Theme From New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra. The sound, created by @jern, has over 533,000 videos credited to it. 

This isn’t the first time a Frank Sinatra song has trended on TikTok, either. Earlier this year, Sinatra’s “My Way (2008 Remastered)” was a trending sound — with users loving the grandiose horns that come with the song. 

While the Sinatra songs TikTokers use are different, the affection people have for the viral trends featuring them is the same, and TikTokers are clearly loving the opportunity to show their most common habits.

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